About Markus

Markus helps organisations uncover, understand and operationalize the knowledge at the core of their business, building a common foundation between business and IT. He designs and implements languages to capture and validate this knowledge, and to make it executable on modern IT platforms.

As a language engineer, he analyses domains; designs user-friendly languages and supporting analyses; implements language tools and IDEs; and architects efficient and reliable backends based on interpreters and generators. He also works on formalisms and meta-tools for language engineering.

For 20 years, Markus has consulted, coached and developed in a wide range of industries, including finance, automotive, health, science and IT. He has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, has written several books on the subject and spoken at many industry conferences world-wide.

Markus holds a diploma in physical engineering from FH Ravensburg-Weingarten and a PhD in computer science from TU Delft.


Professional and Academic CV

The CV is available in English in the form of a PDF document, and in two versions: a 3-page summary CV as well as a detailed CV with all publications, project and customers. If you need more information (such as Zeugnisse) please contact me via the means on the right.


Markus has been podcasting since 2006 when he started Software Engineering Radio and (together with the team) grew it to be one of the most prominent software podcasts world-wide, with more than 200 episodes and over 5,000,000 total downloads. In 2012, he handed SE Radio over to IEEE Software because the team ran out of energy.

Since 2008 he have been running omega tau, a podcast where he interviews scientists and engineers in long and detailed interviews. Topics include aviation and space, energy, transportation, big physics, biology and computer science. Together with Nora Ludewig he has recorded over 550 hours of interviews spread over almost 350 episodes.

As part of omega tau, Markus has had the opportunity to do lots of things that he has been dreaming of since childhood, including visiting airborne and ground-based telescopes, flying in the cockpit of an A380, spending a week on a military survey ship in the med, visting ALICE and flying in the backseat of an F-16D fighter jet, the absolute highlight of the podcasting career.

Flying Gliders

I have been flying gliders since I was fourteen years old in 1988. To give you an impression of this fascinating pasttime, images and videos can be found here. I have also written up a little paper about Easter 2008 which was particular good in terms of weather (it’s in German).


I have enjoyed taking pictures for a long time, but only over the last couple of years I have taken photography a bit more seriously, which means that I got some equipment beyond the mobile phone and spent some time editing pictures. I like taking pictures of technical stuff (especially airplanes), but also dogs and other animals. Check out some of my pictures here.