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I am an expert in the areas of language engineering, modeling and model-driven software development, software architecture and product line engineering. In this capacity I help organizations leverage the power of suitable abstractions to improve quality and productivity in software development. For these topics, I provide research, consulting and coaching as well as development services. I have 15 years of experience in enterprise, web and embedded systems in various domain including finance, automotive, medical, aerospace, web and science. For details check out these pages:

Currently I spend most of my time with the JetBrains MPS language workbench. In particular, as part of my work for itemis, we are developing mbeddr, an extensible set of integrated languages for embedded software engineering, built with MPS, as well as IETS3, a set of (semi-)formal specification languages for safety-critical systems. In addition we are exploring the space of DSLs used by non-programmer domain experts in the financial, legal and insurance domains.

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omega tau, my science podcast
mbeddr, the project I work on
DSL Engineering, my most recent book
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