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Join me for my PhD Defense

Over the last few years, I have been working on a PhD in computer science with Eelco Visser and Arie van Deursen at the TU Delft. This project has come to an end, and it is time for the defense; it is scheduled for June 18. To make a visit more attractive, Eelco had the idea of organizing a little symposium, where the people on my committee talk about their research. Here is the full programme. There are five 30-minute talks and a reception. Admission is free, but you have to pay for your own coffee and lunch :-) See you there!

(Not so) New DSL Book

The Model-Driven Software Development book(s) I wrote a couple of years ago are completely outdated. I have recently released a new book the reflects my own evolved thinking, as well as the changing DSL landscape in general.


My Services

voelter - ingenieurbüro für softwaretechnologie is Markus Völter. I provide research, consulting and coaching for the following topics (which complement one another nicely):

For these topics, I provide the following services: Consulting and Coaching, Trainings and Workshops, Prototypes and Technology Studies

I have worked in enterprise systems as well as in embedded systems. I am especially interested in reusable systems such as frameworks, platforms, component technologies, DSLs, generators and patterns.

Currently, my main focus is on domain-specific languages and product line engineering. You can take a look at my recent publications or conference presentations to get an impression of what I do. I also have a list of companies I have worked for online.

Interested? Questions? Send an email to voelter at acm dot org. You can also reach me via snail mail.

The mbeddr Project

The mbeddr project develops a revolutionary new way of developing embedded software, based on an extensible version of C and formal verification. It is based on MPS, and just generally a fascinating use case for DSLs.

Publications and Books

In addition to papers, patterns and articles I have co-authored a number of books, among them books on software architecture, remoting middleware, components and application servers as well as Model-Driven Software Development (dt.), Model-Driven Software Development (en.)) and Domain-Specific Languages).


I am regularly presenting at way too many conferences. Please check my conference page to find out where I presented recently and get the slides.

Anything else?

When I am not working, I prefer to spend my time in the skies over southern germany or publishing the omega tau podcast on science and engineering.